Age of Exploration

A Tabletop Role Playing Adventure
Age of Exploration is an tabletop adventure RPG with fast character creation, streamlined mechanics, and modern rules. Character sheets are replaced by cards, and the quickstart rules are just 2 pages, making it a great gateway game to share role playing with friends and family.
Alterra is the base setting for Age of Exploration, a bright and flourishing world, where magic, technology, and culture are entering a global Renaissance.  Unique races formerly separated across oceans and wild, uncharted continents are coming together to trade in exotic goods, arcane artifacts, and incredible new inventions.
Created and designed By Parrish Danforth
Thanks to Meilani Benavente, Evan and Oliver Hamilton, and David Mayer for playtesting and worldbuilding

Age of Exploration features art from Pepper and Carrot, an open source web comic by David Revoy set in a world of magic and technology.
Pepper and Carrot is used according to the 
Creative Commons 4.0 license agreement -
Weapons by Aikurisu
Creature design by Capi
Monsters by Matt Holmberg
Maps by Party of Two_2
Scenery by Alexander Geese
Items by James Harrod

Spell Schools-

There are 10 elements in the world of AoE
Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Shadow, Ice, Lightning, Nature, and Metal. Each player starts with 3 spells of the element they select.
Only one
 of each are shown here. (Art by David Revoy)

How do I make a character?
Age of Exploration doesn't have traditional classes; instead we have Spell Schools each defined by an element.

Weapon Classes

There are 10 weapon classes in AoE:
Axes, Spears, Hammers, Maces, Staffs, Staves, Short Swords, Great Swords, Whips, Long Bows and Short Bows. Players select one weapon at the start, but are proficient with any they find later.

Weapon artwork by Aikurisu


How to Play

A quick explanation of what this game is about

Or go to Rules OnlinePlayer's guide PDF 

Storytelling and Role playing
The game is orchestrated by a storyteller or GM. Outside of combat the storyteller describes the situation to the players and they each act out their character's role in the story. They might have special abilities from their character's race, spell school, or guild.

Tactical Combat

Each turn a player moves 5 squares and roll dice to attack using a weapon or a spell. Spells always hit, but roll a die to determine the damage. For weapons roll a 10 or higher on a 20 sided die  to see if they hit; damage is determined by weapon type. At the start of the game there are no modifers to attack or damage rolls - so it's a snap to learn!

As implied by its name, Exploration is heavily featured in the adventures of AoE. The story is set in a fictional renaissance, with exciting methods of global travel available including exotic animals, ships, and hot air balloons. A unique morale system tracks the groups fatigue as the adventure makes the party weary.

Our Game Plan

Age of Exploration is available free to download as Print and Play. You can sign up here and be sent a link to the files.

If you enjoy it we hope you'll want professionally printed cards and other materials which are available from DrivethruRPG.

Maps, and standees will be available 2020 from Gamecrafter.
A kickstarter would include all these components plus dice and miniatures, but has no timeline currently.


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