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Age of Exploration is a rules-light open-license tabletop RPG made for experienced Role players, who want to share role-playing with someone new.
You can download the print-and-playtest free, buy professionally printed spell and item cards or learn more about the upcoming Kickstarter version

A  Gateway RPG Adventure

By Parrish Danforth and Evan Hamilton

Get The Free Print&Play Today and get notified when the Kickstarter Launches


Explore a Vivid Fantasy World

Featuring Art by David Revoy (CC 4.0)
Matt Holmberg, Aikurisu, and Party of 2.

  • Card-based: Every spell, weapon, and item has its own card - combat moves fast because players can see what their available choices are right in front of them.

  • Noble-Bright: Action takes place in tactically rich outdoors scenes, not cramped dungeon corridors. 

  • Rules-Light: Everything players need fits on a 2 page Quickstart Guide. Whether it's your first time leading an RPG or you're a veteran DM introducing role playing to the next generation, learning to play is a snap. 

  • Open-License: meaning you can write and publish your own adventures, and even sell them!

  • Free-Forever: The Print and Play will always be free.


Available today

Deck Box.png

Age of Exploration 2020 is On Sale now at DriveThruRPG.
It is 72 cards in a sturdy tuckbox.

  • 12 Combat Spells & 12 Cantrips

  • 14 Basic Weapons 

  • 16 Items from the armory

  • 10 Magic Items

Plus Digital copies of

  • Quickstart Player's Guide

  • Adventure by Evan Hamilton

  • Monster Manual

Come Explore Alterra


  Kickstarter Box Contents

  • 48 Cardboard Standees

  • 72 Cards of spells and items

  • 12 Double-Sided Play maps

  • 2 Page Quickstart Rules

  • 60 Page Storyteller Guide (DMG&MM)

  • 40 Page Adventure Book

  • 24 Dice 

AoE Materials.png
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