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An Open License RPG

Write your own adventures and even sell them!

Can I write my own adventures?
-Yes! And you can even sell them on DriveThruRPG. If you want to use GM binder, message me, and I'll even send you the source code so your adventure can match the originals

Can I make my own items?
-Yes! And you can include them in your adventures. If you'd like the .PSD let me know.

Can I make my own spells or different classes?
-Sure, and you can give them away, but you can't sell them. 


Explore a Vivid Fantasy World

Featuring Art by David Revoy (CC 4.0)
Matt Holmberg, Aikurisu, and Party of 2.

  • Card-based: Every spell, weapon, and item has its own card - combat moves fast because players can see what their available choices are right in front of them.

  • Noble-Bright: Action takes place in tactically rich outdoors scenes, not cramped dungeon corridors. 

  • Rules-Light: Everything players need fits on a 2 page Quickstart Guide. Whether it's your first time leading an RPG or you're a veteran DM introducing role playing to the next generation, learning to play is a snap. 

  • Open-License: meaning you can write and publish your own adventures, and even sell them!

  • Free-Forever: The Print and Play will always be free.


Available today

Deck Box.png

Age of Exploration 2020 is On Sale now at DriveThruRPG.
It is 72 cards in a sturdy tuckbox.

  • 12 Combat Spells & 12 Cantrips

  • 14 Basic Weapons 

  • 16 Items from the armory

  • 10 Magic Items

Plus Digital copies of

  • Quickstart Player's Guide

  • Tutorial Adventure

  • Monster Manual

Come Explore Alterra


If we have a kickstarter version in 2021, it will look something like this and aim to deliver in 2022.

  Kickstarter Box Contents

  • 48 Cardboard Standees

  • 72 Cards of spells and items

  • 12 Double-Sided Play maps

  • 2 Page Quickstart Rules

  • 60 Page Storyteller Guide (DMG&MM)

  • 40 Page Adventure Book

  • 24 Dice 

AoE Materials.png